8 factors that improve embroidery quality

Imagine being given a uniform with a badly embroidered logo when you start a new job. This will make you feel bad about your new employer. They don’t take pride in how they present their brand and they also give you a uniform that you won’t be proud to wear in the morning.

The brisbane embroidery techniques used by suppliers are key to producing high-quality workwear and branded clothing. We will be discussing 8 factors that ensure a perfect embroidered finish on your corporate clothes.


Imagine trying to draw a detailed portrait using a blunt, heavy-weighted pencil. It’s impossible to capture all the details. The same goes for replicating your brand’s logo using stitching. You need a sharp, high-quality needle with the right gauge.

Supporting paper

You’ll notice a decrease in the quality of your handwriting if you have ever written in a notebook that didn’t contain padding. Your writing will look much better if you leave a few sheets behind as padding. The same goes for embroidery. The right backing paper is essential to maximize the quality and durability of your embroidery logo. It should be thick enough that the fabric does not pulsate or cause damage.

Thread Quality

Two main reasons are to use high-quality threads. The first is that lower-quality threads are more susceptible to breaking during production. This can lead to imperfections in the details of your logo. A second problem is that lower quality threads can be more unpredictable during the dyeing process. This can lead to inconsistencies of Pantone colours and make your logo look off-brand.

Upper Thread Tension

It’s all about finding the perfect balance when it comes to thread tension. Tension is important for upper threads. Too tight can lead to thread breakage. Too loose tension will cause the embroidery to be riddled with loops.

Bobbin (Lower Thread) Tension

The right balance between lower and higher thread tension will ensure that embroidery stays together. Too loose will cause loops and impact the upper tension. Too tight and it will pull the logo into fabric. This can cause the logo to look sunken, a bit like an umbrella from the inside! It could also cause damage to the fabric.


It’s important to ensure that the framing is tight, just like thread tension. It can cause puckering which can negatively impact the quality of the embroidery. You’ve probably seen the results of pulling loose threads from trousers. We ensure that your logo is on brand and immediately recognisable by getting the balance right.

Digitisation of artwork

In embroidery, it is important to use the most up-to-date technology. Software allows us to reproduce your logo and brand artwork with greater accuracy. The final result will be better if the technology is better.

Machine Quality

Embroidery is a mechanical process. Subpar machinery will result in subpar results. It is important to invest in high-quality machinery, adjust the settings to achieve superior results, and have machines regularly serviced by qualified engineers.

Take a bow

Delivering flawless embroidery is not an easy task. We search the UK to find the best embroiders. We can guarantee that you will get on-brand, right-on-point, and on-time every time.

Contact us below to speak with one of our clothing specialists if you are looking for a supplier that will do the embroidery right and produce high-quality clothing that represents your brand. They will be glad to assist you.

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