8 Tips To Make Your Favorite Swimsuit Last Longer

You should not do anything to your bathing suit, as it could reduce its lifespan.

Because suits are made from Spandex and other stretchy fabrics, which can react badly with hot tub chemicals and the heat of direct sunlight, damage is common. Because they cling to your body just right, the fabric makes them susceptible to heat and harsh chemicals.

These eight tips from the laundry professionals will keep your suit looking great for many years.

Rinse ASAP

Mary Marlowe Leverette, Laundry Guide Mary Marlowe Leverette, points out that suits should be rinsed after sunbathing. Sunblock and body oils can cause damage. After a dip in a pool or hot tub that contains chlorine, rinse immediately.


We were all recommended by experts to wash your clothes hand-washing. According to Allure magazine, the problem with washing machines is that they can agitate delicate parts like the cups, padding, and ties. This movement can cause damage to delicate suits, leaving them stretched or ill-fitting.

Soap up

SwimsuitsForAll.com suggests washing suits with mild soap. Allure recommends using a detergent for delicates. A standard laundry detergent can be too harsh. Wash all soapy suds off. Rinse! Do not expect to see foamy mounds next time you use your hot tub.

Dry off

Refrain from trying to squeeze every drop of water out. SwimsuitsForAll.com warns that this can cause fiber damage and result in a suit that is sagging. A swimsuit can be stretched out by being hung, especially by its ties. Instead, place the swimsuit on a towel and gently squeeze the towel. Next, dry the suit. Leverette warns against drying the suit in direct sunlight as it can cause color to fade. Before you put it away, dry the suit completely.

Rotate Suits

Real Simple says that Spandex is a memory fabric, meaning it takes a full day for the fabric to return to its normal position. It’s important to have at least one bathing suit in case you are on vacation, or if you plan to wear your swimsuits often. Each suit will bounce back for 24 hours, and each suit can be washed and dried completely.

Keep Cool

Swimwear is not recommended for hot water. Avoid soaking your bathing suit in hot, soapy water. Hot tub daily? Allure suggests that you reserve one suit for your hot tub, and it should be your cheapest.

Make a New Suit

Vix Swimwear, a swimsuit designer recommends that you prepare a new suit before going to the beach or taking it to the hot tub. To prevent dye from bleed, soak the suit in vinegar and water for 30 minutes (one tablespoon white vinegar per 1 quart of water). This is especially important if you are wearing a new suit while in hot tub.

Lay On A Towel

The blog Life With Three suggests that you use a towel whenever you are sitting on the ground near the hot tub, pool, wooden bench or any other rough surface. The material can be snagged and torn by those impromptu chairs. To avoid carrying around a towel all day, wrap up in a sarong whenever you get out of your lounge chair. You won’t even need to think about where you are sitting.

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