Bikini Competition

You have the chance to design your own swimwear.
Use our “design a swimwear” tool to create your Gypsea masterpiece.

Enter your design in the competition and get your friends to vote, the design with the most votes wins!


Good luck x

Gypsea Swimwear Competition Bikini Template

Step 1.

  • Select the image you wish to use for your one piece swimsuit
  • For best results the image needs to be 1MB or larger and not exceeding 5MB.
  • Drag & drop your image onto the design page or click the image to upload one from your personal files.
  • Once you have uploaded your image it’s time to scale your image to fit perfectly on your swimsuit. The top left (first and third buttons) are to make your image larger or smaller. To move your image you must first click the blue button to disable the mask, then click the second button on the top left and you will be able to move your uploaded image.  Once you have your image exactly where you need click the blue button again.
  • If you are happy with your swimsuit design click the green button to finish, once your image has saved press the download icon to download the image to your device.

The bikini design page will open in another tab, so you can come back and forth to check the instructions.

Step 2.

Enter your design on the competition page to submit your entry, share on your social media accounts & remember the entry with the most votes win!